CombatScam.com is a task force created jointly by lawyers Haggai Carmon and Nimrod Assif, leaders in the legal battle against scamming binary options companies. Haggai Carmon of CARMON & CARMON, is an Israeli lawyer who has represented the United States in Israeli civil litigation for 31 years.

During the same period and for two decades, the U.S. government has also assigned Carmon with the worldwide responsibility for gathering intelligence outside the United States, requiring sensitive undercover work in more than thirty countries. Duties included international asset recovery, pre-litigation intelligence and evidence gathering. Carmon has frequently traveled internationally on official U.S. government business. In 2014, 2015,  2016 and 2017. Carmon was selected by his peers as one of the world’s leading practitioners in asset recovery.               Recognized as one of the  world’s leading asset recovery lawyers

Carmon is a member of the U.S Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

Carmon has already forced binary options companies to return to his  clients more than $3,000,000 without litigation. 

Carmon is a cum laude graduate of the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and was subsequently awarded with a M.A degree from St. John’s University in New York. Carmon is an accredited expert in international law and the author of the legal textbook Foreign Judgments in Israel, cited frequently as authority by Israeli courts, including 7 times by the Supreme Court. The book was also translated into English by SPRINGER, and is distributed worldwide.

Carmon is the author of a five installment intelligence thrillers, inspired by his undercover work for the United States government: The Dan Gordon Intelligence Thrillers™

Although his five thrillers are fictional, they draw on Carmon’s decades of professional experience, and are thus unusually authentic, as evidenced by the identity of the high-level insiders who contributed introductions to his thrillers:

  • For Triple Identity: Sarah McKee, former General Counsel, INTERPOL, USA, and “Anonymous,” a former top executive of the Israeli MOSSAD.
  • For the Red Syndrome: Brigadier General Ephraim Sneh, Israel’s former Deputy Minister of Defense and Minister of Health.
  • For the Chameleon Conspiracy: Andre LeGallo, former top CIA operative.(Former Chief of Station CIA, in Tehran.)
  • For Triangle of Deception: Jacob Perry, former director of SHABAK, Israel’s internal security service.
  • For Defection Games: David Epstein, former Director of Foreign Litigation for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Carmon leads the task force’ intelligence gathering, asset recovery and foreign operations. 

Nimrod Assif is an Israeli lawyer, with expertise in civil litigation. Before starting his legal practice in Israel,  Assif clerked for Israel’s Attorney General (currently the Deputy Chief Justice of the Israel Supreme Court). Assif is a magna cum laude graduate of Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, and a LL.M graduate of New York University School of Law, on full Merit Scholarship. Assif was then employed by the Litigation Group of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, a major New York law firm. During the years after his return to Israel, Assif has gained substantial experience in Israeli litigation against Forex and binary options companies, and has achieved groundbreaking rulings in this field. Assif appears in courts regularly. Assif spearheads the task force’ litigation combat.