I want to thank you for your successful efforts on my behalf regarding my recent legal dispute. My six figure “investment” was recovered completely. .. I had little hope of seeing any of that money again, let alone the full amount. The legal system can work with the right legal team on your side.… I was struck by your professionalism. Even more importantly I was impressed by your compassionate manner… I could tell that you had a “no nonsense” approach when dealing with the other side’s attorneys. You continued to pressure them until they agreed to a full refund of all my money.

I also wish to thank you for focusing on the International Binary Options sector. It is an industry that preys on the hopes of innocent people that are trying to gain some level of financial security.


Michigan, USA

Dear Haggai,

Throughout the years I had many professional contacts with the many lawyers, some were very good. However, I have never worked with a lawyer as efficient, goal targeted and knowledgeable as you have proven to be. Add your tremendous success on my case, to see why I am wholeheartedly grateful.

I was a victim of international sting operation that took my six figure investment, and laundered it through a maze of off-shore companies to make restitution difficult it not impossible. When i hired you to help me get back my money, I had high hopes but low expectations. In just six weeks, you traced the culprits, collected combat zone intelligence and forced them through legal maneuvering to refund my entire investment – without resorting to costly litigation. I am at awe your professional skills, dedication and tenacity that solved my case to my entire satisfaction.



I located Mr. Haggai Carmon, an Israeli lawyer on the internet when I was researching possible ways for me to recover funds that I have lost fraudulent Binary Option Brokers. Within approximately two months Haggai Carmon was able to get them to send me $120,000. I was very pleased with his efforts & the results he was able to obtain.

If anyone has lost large sums of money to binary option brokers. I highly recommended that you get in touch with  Mr. Haggai Carmon. He is the real deal & he has a lot of experience tracking down this scammers. I vetted Mr. Carmon through & FBI contact that I have been working with at the FBI told me that as far as they could tell he is legitimate. In sum Haggai Carmon is highly recommended.


Mississippi, USA

Haggai, is there a Bar equivalent to the Nobel? We would certainly nominate you for the prize, perhaps in the category of ‘Most Resourceful Lawyer.’  What a great job!


S.S. Connecticut

Thank you! These words cannot fully express my gratitude for your tireless and tenacious effort on my behalf that yielded a great success.

As you well know, I was a victim of an international fraud operation. What I originally thought to be a legitimate investment in a UK based options invested company turned out to be a fraudulent operation, well layered in multiple jurisdictions – most of which were operated by criminals using fictitious names and phony identification.

Obviously, I wanted to avoid lengthy and costly litigation, but still get my seven figure investment back, and it happened! You were able to tear down their shields and masks, identify the culprits and force them-through legal means – to return my entire investment.




I cannot thank you enough for the work you did to recover the stolen money from [name of a binary options company redacted under a confidential settlement agreement]- more than $200,000.
We were beyond devastated when I realized that the money was stolen and [name redacted] was a scam. After hiring an attorney in London where [name redacted] pretended to have an office contacting the London metro police AND FBI here in Los Angeles, I was sure that the money was gone forever and justice would not be had. After just a month and a half afterhiring you I had my money back in my account.

You were professional, kind, expedient and true to your word; Words do not begin to convey my gratitude.



I was defrauded by a binary options company based in Europe which left me with a major loss of a six-figure amount of my money.  We initially communicated with several law firms specialized in the US, Europe and Israel and asked them to send us their offers for representation and work plan. Out of all lawyers we talked to, we felt Advocate Haggai Carmon was the one who stood out with his impressive profile, international experience and great reputation. Therefore, we have decided that he is the lawyer we want to handle our case. For about 5 months Haggai worked tirelessly on our case and step by step he developed a well-structured plan to identify the culprits and the big guys who stand behind them. In less than 3 months, the company communicated with Haggai through their lawyers and made the first settlement offer.  Haggai amazingly mastered the battle with the company, had the final and decisive word at critical moments during the negotiation rounds with the lawyers of the company. The final result was an out of court settlement agreement which only world class lawyers can achieve in such a short time.

Thank you, Haggai, for helping me to fully recover my loss and congrats on the new success!



Haggai is one of the most astute strategist I have ever met. He is one of the few who can “read” their opponents a few steps ahead and plan for action. Haggai did an excellent for me leading a complex international litigation and coordinating the work of attorneys across continents.

T.D Manhattan