Even with a level playing field, it is almost impossible for binary option investors– in the long run- to make money. Binary Options companies give you a “bonus,” most of the time without even asking you. That “gift” is enough to wipe out any chance that you’ll ever win and walk away with full pockets, because it has strings attached. You must gamble 20 UP TO 60 times before the “bonus,” co-mingled with your principal and whatever you might have won, is yours to keep. Statistically, almost an impossibility. Even if you pass that hurdle, next comes the old trick of placing your positions with a 6 months’ expiration date on positions.   Now cue the requiem for your money. And at the end, if you want to lick your wounds and withdraw what’s left of your principal investment, they give you the bureaucratic run around, or simply stop taking your calls and messages.